We  had been recording my album for a while when we came to realize that somewhere within the wash-rinse-repeat-process, something had been lost. By striving to create something so pristine, some of the sparkle and realness of the art had been compromised. . .but how to get it back? How could we make something that sounds good but also captures the emotion and inspiration that I live and breathe to convey? What is missing?
And then it dawned on us. It’s you! You inspire me, you bring me to life and you are the reason that I stay up a little bit later to think of just the right note, practice a little longer or play anywhere outside of my own bedroom because I want to give something back to you, to arrest you, to make you smile or sigh or dance.

So, we threw a fantastic party with friends and fire, a giant camera crane(thanks Abad) and all the recording gear we could get our hands on and we captured the whole damn thing. If you receive even a fraction of the joy and pleasure listening that we did creating it then our work here is done.

Sincere thanks for your time and support.